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Business Plan
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The right equity level is a constant

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  Commercial Objectives
  • Acquisition of corporate, financial and strategic holdings.
  • Financing of public and private projects.
  • Participation, syndication and underwriting of financial transactions such as syndicated loans, debt issues, IPO, etc.
  • Portfolio management and mediation in financial markets.
  • Payment agency.
  • Design and distribution of new investment or hedging products.
  • Set-up and commercialisation of liability operations.
Objetivos comerciales II
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Corporate appraisals.
  • Second opinions (stress analysis).
  • Financial viability. Analysis

  • Development of information systems, and software applications, to facilitate economies of scale.
  • Joint training of specialised personnel.
  • Studies and publications.
  • Institutional Co-operation Projects.

separador Financial Objetives By setting suitable margins, and keeping the right equity level.

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